Crop Circles, pictures and photos of beautiful Crop Circles

This page contains some excellent real pictures of crop circles and photos of aliens from space. Of course we encourage you to use your own judgement as to the authenticity of these pictures and the information. However as you can imagine creating these cool pictures of alien and ufo phenomena is not easily done. The crop circles you see below were taken by expert photographers. These are considered to be real photos and real is the word because of scientific studies undertaken on the circles show that they cannot be manmade due to the complexity of the bending done to the wheat. It is simply amazing at how these crop circles were created. We have not reached this level of technology yet, by studying the crop circles and the pictures they left us we might. I don't see why so many people would go to all the trouble either of inventing these pictures and photos anyways. We invite you to show these pictures to your friends. We will update this site frequently with new cool crop circle pictures.

Here are the best pictures on crop circles that I have found. They are the most significant and most well document crop circles in the world. These photos are in color, and show geometric shapes which may contain valuable information for all of humanity. We hope you enjoy looking at these beautiful crop circle photos.

This crop circle is said to represent one of the most complex mathematical formulas in existance. It is the same shape as our symbol for this mathematical equation. Is it true? Could this be coincidence? This crop circle picture shows wheat curved in such a way and also in spiral shape formation, such things are extremely hard to fake, but you be the judge. :0)

This crop circle picture features a star of five points often seen in Ancient egyptian pictures and hieroglyphs. Also there are 3 circles on each point as well as a large center circle. Could this be some sort of scientific knowledge. It seems to ve a very beautiful shape were we to see it in person we would surely be quite in awe. This also has spiral shaped wheat formations in its construction. Coincidence or is this crop circle picture the real thing. You may also notice that in many crop circles the circle is spread over 3 lines in the field, that is to say the circle usually touches upon 3 lines of intersect. Why 3 lines so often???

This gorgeous crop circle features what seems to resemble very well an Ancient Egyptian symbol which is a pair of wings with a circle in the middle, followed by 2 lines underneath. What could this beautiful crop circle photo represent. Does it have meaning? Is it just a hoax, but how could a hoax this good be fabricated. Does anyone truly have so much technical skill to produce such a masterpiece of grandeur and precision. And why choose an egyptian symbol for a crop circle.

This bizarre yet pretty shape is said to be foldable into a tetrahedron. The tetrahedron is a six pointed star, in other words the shape of the star of david in 3D. If you fold the thing to the left on the centers of the hexagons in the right way it should produce the right form. Also notice the sets of four circles within the photo. Maybe they are to help us fold this immense craft of mammoth artistic playfullness? Who knows, all I know is that it is an interesting design. More of a crop formation than a crop circle in this case.

This crop circle photo shows us several circles within circles surrounded by one large circle composed of different sized circles. On the largest inside circle you notice smaller circles inside, the placement of the inside circles forms moon shapes in double. Could the inside smaller circles represent planets? Strange??? Great crop circle photo.