Real Alien pictures, Genuine photos of aliens

This page contains some excellent real cool alien pictures. Of course we encourage you to use your own judgement as to the authenticity of these pictures and the information. However as you can imagine creating these cool pictures of alien and ufo phenomena is not easily done. I don't see why so many people would go to all the trouble either of inventing these pictures and photos anyways. We invite you to show these pictures to your friends. We will update this site frequently with new cool alien pictures.

I took this picture in Egypt on a wall of stone inscriptions and hieroglyphics. Look at this person's head, the shape of it is clearly not human. Also his eyes seem almond shaped. You can also notice that a part of the back of his head is chipped off. Like many alien looking creatures on the walls of Egypt the heads and faces were chipped off by someone. They probably didn't want us to reach the logical conclusion that aliens existed way back in ancient history. How else could all the amazingly built structures and carvings of Egypt get accomplished. If you go to Egypt today you will notice that no one can carve like the ancients did. No one knows how to build pyramids. How could all this talent be lost all of a sudden. The logical answer is that those who knew how just took off, maybe to some far away planet. What I think is that there were some aliens in remote history, not a ton but some. They used their technology to build things and they also showed some normal humans how to use their technology. When the aliens left, their technology was lost to us. To build a Great Pyramid like in Egypt today, would take a long time because of our limited technology.

This is a very good picture. Click on it to make it bigger. It is worth it!. Look at this figure's skull once again. More importantly look at his back and ribs. This person is clearly not human. His skull is not like a human's. And his back and ribs are also clearly not human. As you can see his face and part of his skull were chipped off also like the previous picture. I took this picture in Egypt. More proof that aliens were once among us.