Real Alien pictures, Yes aliens exist, these pictures tell the truth about aliens and ufos

This page contains some excellent real cool pictures of aliens and pictures of ufos. Of course we encourage you to use your own judgement as to the authenticity of these pictures and the information. However as you can imagine creating these cool pictures of alien and ufo phenomena is not easily done. I don't see why so many people would go to all the trouble either of inventing these pictures and photos anyways. We invite you to show these pictures to your friends. We will update this site frequently with new cool pictures of aliens.

This is a picture I took in Egypt, notice the heads of the 2 figures in the picture. The abdomens of the 2 people or aliens is also different. It is stuck out a bit, many of the pictures in Egypt portray what I am positive are aliens and many of them have larger stomachs than a normal healthy human would have, they are not a cause of obesity. They also often have larger than normal thighs in association with their bodies, in comparison with normal humans. This picture shows 2 young aliens as their thighs are proportionate. On the next page you will see that they have larger thighs and also longer and more slender fingers. This feature (long fingers) is shown often in Ancient Egypt paintings.

This hieroglyph of a head, is clearly not a human head. Why would these ancients portray all kinds of alien heads and bodies all over the place. The only logical reason is that they saw them, they existed. These ancients were not a crazy religious cult as Egyptologists portray them. They were spoken of by Hermes as being the happies and healthiest people in the land. A healthy mind does not go to such mind boggling lengths as these to carve gigantic monuments and carvings in stone with no logical reason. These people were not crazy. They were from another planet.

Here is a picture of a figure with a long neck and strange head. While not resembling some of the other aliens, he does not look entirely human.

Here we see a hieroglyph of a hand which clearly has much longer fingers than a normal hand would have. Why would they go to such trouble to carve this hand. I think it is to say yoooo hoooo look at this hand it is not human. This is who we are!!!! It is like when you are a kid and you go by freshly put cement on the road, you instinctively want to put your hand or footprint in the cement. This is the same, it is a calling card. It is a signature. It is not a symbol representative of something else such as a word, or some other nonsense Egyptologists would have us believe.

In this picture we see 2 heads of what are supposedly Egyptian Gods of the Amarna Period. Notice the first face, his eyes are a little larger than our's and his lips are african almost. As many other of the so called Egyptians are not like his. Some of the figures look white or like Americans almost. It just doesn't add up, when you compare the profiles of many of the Egyptians painted and carved on walls and immortalized in statues you notice too many anomolies. Notice also the necks of both individuals. Their necks are long and slender, indicative of an alien race, as our own necks are not like these.